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 Operation: Get People Back!

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General Yamamoto
Captain-Commander, 1st Division
General Yamamoto

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PostSubject: Operation: Get People Back!   Tue 25 May 2010, 1:26 am

Ok, now that it seems that things are moving again (and now that that damn roadblock of a tournament is over), we can get everyone roleplaying and participating again, and I'd like, if possible, to try and make an effort to get more people back to the RP. I know we won't get everyone, but the more people, the better!


Satoko and Naomi - Think you could talk to the other Canadians? (I know Rikiki still pops on from time to time, but I'd really like to see Akara and Sachi back too.)

Matsuura - I see you occasionally too. Think you could talk to Igarashi and Rumiko? (And Midori, if you ever go on the new forum)

Chiken and Ryouichi - Do y'all happen to keep in any touch with Maka or Tenkawa?

I'm gonna see if I can talk to Byouko and Sarah, and I think Ashibue still has contact info for Anshou and Hikari. I fear that other folks may be gone forever though. Sad

I'm really going to try and make a committment to put forth effort in keeping things moving, at the VERY least until I go back to school in August. Let's make it happen folks. OURS IS THE RP THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS etc. Catface
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Midori Yuansuzaku

Midori Yuansuzaku

Female Weapon : Onorinowai

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PostSubject: Re: Operation: Get People Back!   Tue 25 May 2010, 5:40 pm

Oh hai dere O_o

Good gods this place has changed. I missed a LOT I'm guessing.
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Operation: Get People Back!
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