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Satoko Takeshi
Most Likely To Die

Male Weapon : Ryuunosuke

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PostSubject: Nonsense!   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 7:23 pm

And then, as he watched them fight, something clicked in Takeshi's mind; he had been neglected for months! Suddenly all of that which he knew as reality became meaningless as he barrelled through a wall in his mind. "I... I'm not real! None of this is real!" Leaping to his feet in a rush of realization, Takeshi bulldozed throught the crowd and made may towards the audiotorium door. With that wall in his mind removed, nothing prevented him from knowing the immensity of what occured outside the arena, and nothing prevented him from not caring about it. For, if none of this was real, what did it matter? Glancing down at the scar on his chest and suddenly realizing it held no significance besides character development, Takeshi literally shrugged it off, leaped 12 metres into the air to test the fictional nature of his world, and then skipped off leaving little flaming patches of nonsense behind him.

Suddenly growing very bored, Takeshi decided that he indeed knew where Kanue was being held, and figured he would share his realization with him in the hope of attaining shock value. When in doubt of how to get to his destination, Takeshi tripped over what he thought was a manhole cover, but was indeed actually a plothole cover. With little hesitation, he tore it ajar and climbed inside the uncovered plothole. After a long and dull trek through the space between the plothole and it's destination, Takeshi walked through a wall of construction paper which coincidentally happened to compose one of the walls to Kanue's cell.

"Hello Kanue!" Takeshi greeted his clasmate, "You're looking decidedly bored, want to come with me? I'm not quite sure if what was on the other side of that plot hole is still there, but I figure it might lead us somewhere interesting."
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Ryouichi Kanue


Male Weapon : Mugenji

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PostSubject: Re: Nonsense!   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 7:29 pm

Ryouichi Kanue was bored.

When, oh when, was this blasted scene finally going to end?

"As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now, Kanue-shinpei," the interrogator was saying, "It seems that you've been living two lives. In one life, you're Kanue Ryouichi-san, Class 3A Representative. You earn top grades, you respect your superiors, and you try to teach your girlfriend how to dance. The other life is lived in secrecy, where you go by the alias "Quick-sama" and are guilty of virtually every crime we have a law for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them... does not."

Kanue remained silent.

The interrogator opened his mouth to continue, but suddenly-


The "wall" of the "interrogation cell" was torn through, leaving a Satoko-shaped hole.

Satoko Takeshi wrote:
"Hello Kanue!" Takeshi greeted his clasmate, "You're looking decidedly bored, want to come with me? I'm not quite sure if what was on the other side of that plot hole is still there, but I figure it might lead us somewhere interesting."

Kanue gaped. "Satoko? What the hell? What are you-"

The young mastermind was interrupted by a scream of rage coming from someone above and behind him. "Cut, CUT!"

"Damnit, Takeshi!" Smythe, who was filming the interrogation scene himself despite being the director, screamed, "Why do you always pull shit like this?!"

"Uhhh, I-I," Satoko stuttered, taken aback.

"You know what, no! Just no! I don't want to hear it!" the director spat, "That wall is going to take weeks to remake! This set is perfect, they said! No way Takeshi can destroy this one, they said!" he grumbled, stalking away from the set towards the art department.

Satoko turned to the interrogator, trying to apologize, but before he could get a word out, the bespectacled man stood up, slamming his hands harshly down on the table. "Fuck you, Takeshi!" he exclaimed in a high, whiny voice, "This was supposed to be my big scene! This is where I was supposed to shine! Now I've got to wait even longer than before!"

Kanue cocked an eyebrow. "Um, haven't you read the rest of the script yet? You do know I totally own you in our next scene, right?"

"WHAT?!" Ryouichi just nodded seriously.

"Goddamnit! Why do you get to be the villain?!"

Kanue shrugged. "Maybe because I'm just that much more awesome than you?"

"Oh yeah?! Says who?!"

"Your mother, last night."

"Oh my God! You-" the interrogator gasped breathlessly, "You insulted Mother!"

"You must die!" he roared madly, lunging for Kanue.
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Matsuura Ryou


Male Weapon : Ikiwazura

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PostSubject: Re: Nonsense!   Sun 28 Feb 2010, 1:11 pm

Matsuura Ryou watched the scene unfold over his $700 Ferrari Carbon Fibre Aviator Sunglasses, perched quietly on his "Top Star" Chair, sipping a scotch on the rocks while resting his feet on his human foot rest.

"Can't you tossers do anything proper?" He complained, falling back to his normal British Accent, for you see was in fact Jim Sturgess.

" You're needed on set 16, they're about to begin filming." A small mousy man standing next to him squeaked out, glancing nervously between Jim and the clipboard in his hand.

"Oh, very well." He murmured, hopping fully onto his human footrest, as the poor man started to crawl forward towards set 16. "I'll see you chavs some other time." He called back to Kanue and Satoko.
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Chiken Kazenosei
Likes boys. ;)

Male Weapon : Myounahanashi

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PostSubject: Re: Nonsense!   Mon 01 Mar 2010, 5:37 pm

"Myouna! I'm tired of this!" Chiken complained loudly, drawing disapproving glances from nearby tournament watchers. As interesting as the fights were, he was suddenly overcome with a feeling of restlessness... well, a more powerful feeling of restlessness than what he had felt before. "I know, Chiken-kun, but it's important to the others." Her melodious voice, tinkling like a bell, rang out in his mind before it paused. Thinking better of what she had just said, she added something else. "And besides, isn't all of this reiatsu exciting to feel?" She knew him well enough to make him focus on that to subside his restlessness, but was quite shocked at what he said next: "But Myouna!" Chiken called out loud, forgetting that she could hear his thoughts and no one else could hear her talking, "There's a more exciting fight outside! With more reiatsu!"

A small, slight cracking sound rang out through the arena, unnoticed by all due to the din of the crowd.

"But Chiken! You can't... Uhh... I mean," She stammered, caught extremely off-guard, "You must be imagining things! No one can sense reiatsu that far." While her attempt for covering his odd statement worked, the point was completely missed on Chiken, who rebutted, "No, you see I don't have to sense that far! I know because I can read about it!"

Crack! That one, however, was loud enough to catch the attention of everyone in the hall, and even the current fight stopped to look around and see what the source was.

Myounahanashi, realizing immediately what was happening, scrambled to stop it. "No! You're clearly imagining things! Please Chiken, STOP TALKING!"
But Chiken was not to be stopped. "Myouna! I'm not imagining it! I can see it right up there!" CRACK! "I mean, look! You can see it! Right up at the top of the page, Smythe posted a picture and everything!"

The fourth wall, already strained from Satoko's recent actual story post and his new nonsense post as well, could hold no longer, and collapsed on itself with a loud crash.

As the dust settled, Chiken was the only one in the arena with their jaw not on the floor. In fact, he jumped right out of his seat and smiled. "Oooh! This looks interesting! I wonder where it goes!" That said, he merrily hopped through the wreckage and beyond the fourth wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Nonsense!   

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