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 Twentieth Century Boys

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Ryouichi Kanue

Ryouichi Kanue

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PostSubject: Twentieth Century Boys   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 8:26 pm

Twentieth Century Boys: Great manga, or greatest manga?

"Mankind would not have made the new age, encountering the crisis at the end of the last century that almost wiped them out... If it weren't for 'them'.

In 1969, 'They', who were still in their youth, create a symbol.

In 1997, as the footsteps of the coming disaster slowly start to show, the symbol is revived.

This is a story about several boys that save the world."

Brought to you by Naoki Urasawa, the same genius mind behind the story of Monster!

WARNING: Reading the Place-That-Must-Not-Be-Named's article on this manga will ruin everything. Do not, under any circumstances, read the article until finishing both 20th Century Boys and the last two volumes, 21st Century Boys. Please use spoiler tags when talking about major plot twists.


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Twentieth Century Boys
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