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 Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)

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Ryouichi Kanue


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PostSubject: Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)   Sat 15 Aug 2009, 4:08 pm

So, here we post ideas for characters, settings, and plot devices. Anyone is free to use any of the ideas posted here, unless someone specifically asks to take that idea and flesh it out. It would be pretty boring if we all chose to be the same type of character, eh? And by no means are you limited to or required to use any of the ideas in this thread.

I'll start us off with a list.


-Numerical Kingdoms

-Feudal Japan Kingdom

-Steampunk Kingdom

-Hidden Elf Village

-Dwarven Kingdom

-Hidden Ninja Village

-Wizard Enclave

-Holy City

-Dark Forest

-Desert Outpost

-Port Town

-Merchant Town

-Generic Town



-King/Queen's Adviser


-Captain of the Guard

-King/Queen's Court

-Court Jester






-Street Urchin



-Wandering Swords(wo)man



-Supernatural Being


-Transformed Magical Creature


-Illuminati/Secret Society

-Organized Crime

Plot Devices:



-Ancient Evil is Stirring

-War/Brink of War

-Stranger in a Strange Land

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Sachi Oyashio


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PostSubject: Re: Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)   Wed 19 Aug 2009, 9:24 pm

Quote :
-Steampunk Kingdom

My favorite fantasy genre ever Catface
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Chiken Kazenosei
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PostSubject: Re: Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)   Wed 09 Sep 2009, 4:38 pm

Alright so, I just did some Very Big Things with my post, so now I should explain.

So yes, I just severely limited this Omake to one event. It is a good event, hopefully, but I am now basically limiting people to a few roles. Sorry about that, but if you wanted to start something else you should've acted sooner. Razz
You do not need to be from a fancy kingdom with super background like mine. Kanue and I have talked (loosely), and my kingdom is the main source of plot. I whole-heartedly encourage you to make up a whole kingdom that has depth, it can just be a paper thin kingdom, only really having to react to the events of the... well... events of the game and Nolrem's Council. This is especially if you want to just be a participant in the events, you don't have to make up your whole story of your kingdom.
On that note, I could suggest people work together. If you want to be an athlete of Nolrem, go shead, just expect to be roped into the plot some. Wink This goes for most nations, just ask someone if they made a sweet nation and you want to be in their athletes.

Hmm... I think I'll stop there, sinc emy brain is gradually shutting down from making that wall of text before. ._.
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PostSubject: Re: Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)   

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Middle Ages/High Fantasy AU (Ideas and OOC)
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