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 08. Items

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PostSubject: 08. Items   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 3:24 am

ITEMS give even non-Kidou users a measure of healing and other ability. ITEMS may be gotten for free from 12th Division HQ in Seireitei and from Urahara Shoten on Earth, simply stock up on any ITEMS you choose whenever you can make it to one of these two places. The only restriction is WEIGHT. Each ITEM has a WEIGHT, and the maximum WEIGHT you may carry is equal to your STR score or 8, whichever is lower.

You may THROW an item to an ally as your action. You may not THROW any item unless your THR score is higher than its WEIGHT. If a thrown ITEM's WEIGHT would put the ally over the WEIGHT limit, that ally must use that ITEM immediately or it is lost.

Unless specified otherwise, all ITEMS are consumed and lost once used.



Shuriken - Weight: 1/3
Thrown weapon. Ranged attack. Roll 2 fewer ATT dice during the turn you use Shuriken. You may throw up to 3 Shuriken in one turn, and you do not necessarily have to throw them all at the same target.

Kunai - Weight: 1/2
Thrown weapon. Ranged attack. Roll 1 fewer ATT die during the turn you use Kunai.

Smoke Bomb - Weight: 1/2
Thrown weapon. Ranged attack. Roll 3 fewer ATT dice during the turn you use Smoke Bomb. All opponents become BLIND for 3 turns, and may not RESIST this effect. Any ally who does not retreat from combat this turn (including yourself) also becomes BLIND for 3 turns, and may not RESIST this effect. You may use Smoke Bomb and retreat from combat in the same turn.

Serum - Weight: 1/2
Heals POISON from a single target.

Red Pill - Weight: 1/2
Heals or causes BERSERK to a single target.

Motion Shot - Weight: 1/2
Heals IMMOBILIZE from a single target.

Eyedrops - Weight: 1/2
Heals BLIND from a single target.

Cortizone - Weight: 1/2
Heals DAZZLED and/or CONFUSED from a single target.

Soul Candy - Weight: 1/2
Usable only on Earth. Lets you leave your gigai.

Green Salve - Weight: 1
Heals Special 2d8 WOUNDS from a single target.

Snake Venom - Weight: 1
Roll Special 1d6. Any target that receives melee WOUNDS from you for that many turns becomes POISONED.

Black Widow Venom - Weight: 1
Roll Special 1d6. Any target that receives melee WOUNDS from you for that many turns becomes IMMOBILIZED for 2 turns.

Minazuki Essence - Weight: 2
Heals Special 2d4 WOUNDS and removes all status ailments from a single target.

Blade Polish - Weight: 2
Roll Special 1d4. Add 1 extra ATT die to your STANDARD ROLL for that many turns.

K1 Pathogen - Weight: 3
Thrown Weapon. Deals no damage. If K1 Pathogen would have dealt WOUNDS (or if the target desires it willingly), the target is POISONED and receives a cumulative -1 penalty to all stats each turn. No spell or effect may heal this POISON. If the character ever falls to 0 HP (even if for a reason other than POISON) the character is healed to full HP, all status ailments are healed, and all stat penalties are erased, unless the character caused himself to fall to 0 HP.

Inflatable Gigai - Weight: 3
Sacrifice 1 Inflatable Gigai to reduce all damage dealt to you by opponents that turn to 0.

Nemu's Hyper Potion - Weight: 4
You may take two actions each turn for the next Special 1d4 turns. After that many turns, you become IMMOBILIZED (RESIST does not apply). Any effect that would heal your IMMOBILIZATION takes 5 turns to take effect.

Ointment Canister - Weight: 5
Heals Special 1d10 WOUNDS from a single target. May be used up to seven times before it is used up.

Kidou Mortar - Weight: 8
Roll Special 1d4 during the turn you use Kidou Mortar. The Kidou Mortar takes that many turns to set up. Afterwards, you make a Ranged Kidou Attack + Special 1d12 to one target each turn. If the Special d12 ever comes up 12, the Kidou Mortar overloads and is destroyed. Any player may also destroy the Kidou Mortar by DISARMING the wielder.

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08. Items
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