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 07c. Forbidden Spells

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PostSubject: 07c. Forbidden Spells   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 3:08 am

These extremely powerful spells trancend the barrier between Way of Destruction and Way of Binding and are considered neither. You may not learn any Forbidden Spells unless you have unlocked your BANKAI Lv. 100 Special Attack and raised it to its highest level.

Casting any of these spells is forbidden without the permission of the Council of 46. Those found guilty of using a Forbidden Spell may be sentenced to eternal exile or even death.


90 Black Coffin
Choose one target. That target's HP is reduced to 0. If that target does not SURVIVE, it is instantly SLAIN. If the target does SURVIVE, its HP is still reduced to 0 and it is knocked UNCONSCIOUS. This spell does not affect any player with an END score higher than your MIND score.

91 Phoenix's Cry
You and all your allies are instantly SLAIN. Two turns later, you and all your allies are restored to life with all WOUNDS healed.

92 Soul Bind
Choose one target. If you are ever SLAIN, that target is instantly SLAIN as well. This spell is permanent, though you may only choose one target at a time. If you cast this spell again, your new target replaces the previous target. If you kill yourself or are SLAIN by Forbidden Spell 91, this spell does not take effect.

93 Hachigyou Sougai
Creates a barrier of up to (KL x 5) square meters that erases whatever is within it from existence and removes the space it takes up from an outsider's inner consciousness, making it so that one is not even able to perceive it is there. The very thought of getting close to it doesn't even occur to those outside it. The spell lasts until you take another action.

94 Spatial Distortion
You and any number of targets within a KL*(5) metre radius teleport to any place you have been to before.

95 Garganta
Tears open a barrier between worlds and allows you to move freely between Earth, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and Hell.

96 Temporal Stasis
Time stops within a KL*(5) metre radius for KL*(5) turns. Any opponents and allies you designate are immune to spells, attacks, and effects that rely on time (such as POISON and Way of Destruction 21), and may not take any actions or make new dice rolls (the dice rolls these characters make during the turn you cast Forbidden Spell 96 stay in effect until the spell's duration expires).

97 Annihilation
All opponents and allies in combat with you (including yourself) are reduced to 0 HP. Any opponent or ally that does not SURVIVE is instantly SLAIN. You do not get a chance to SURVIVE this spell. This spell does not affect any opponent or ally (except yourself) with an END score higher than your MIND score.

98 Grand Seal, Part I
Choose one target. If that target's STR score is lower than your Effective MIND, that target is IMMOBILIZED and receives a 50% penalty to STR. All damage dealt to that target is reduced to 0. This spell is permanent, but it ends if you ever take any actions other than casting Forbidden Spell 99.

99 Grand Seal, Part II
You may not cast this spell on any target that is not currently under the effects of Forbidden Spell 98. This spell lasts for 3 consecutive turns. During the first turn (First Song), the target is no longer IMMOBILIZED (but still receives the STR penalty and immunity to damage), but receives a 50% penalty to END and MIND. During the second turn (Second Song), the target is reduced to 1 HP. During the third turn (Final Song), the seal is complete. The target is permanently IMMOBILIZED and UNCONSCIOUS, trapped inside a large metal cube. You may transfer control of this spell to any willing target at any time. The spell ends if the target's STR is ever greater Forbidden Spell 99's controller's MIND score, or if Forbidden Spell 99's controller willingly dismisses the spell or dies.

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07c. Forbidden Spells
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