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 06. Combat

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PostSubject: 06. Combat   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 3:04 am

You have four options when using a physical attack:

AGGRESSIVE ATTACK - Subtract one DEF die and add one ATT die to your STANDARD ROLL
DEFENSIVE ATTACK - Subrtract one ATT die and add one DEF die to your STANDARD ROLL
ALL OUT ATTACK - Add two ATT dice to your STANDARD ROLL and roll no DEF dice.

You may also choose to DEFEND rather than attack. If you DEFEND, you add two DEF dice to your STANDARD ROLL and roll no ATT dice.

Damage is calculated thusly:
Quote :
STR + ATT roll (Effective ATT) vs. END + DEF roll + DODGE bonus (Effective DEF)
If your Effective ATT is greater than your opponent's Effective DEF, you deal an amount of WOUNDS to that opponent equal to the difference. Each WOUND is subtracted from that opponent's HP.



Remember, though, that all actions during a single turn take place simultaneously, so your opponents' actions will happen at the same time as your attack, and you may be fighting multiple opponents at once. If you are attacked during a single turn by any opponent other than the one you targeted with a physical attack, your highest-rolled DEF die does not apply to those attacks.

You can mitigate this penalty somewhat, however, with a high MIND score. Add +1 to your Effective DEF for each KL you have, up to the total value of the die lost. For example, if you rolled a DEF roll of 5 - 4 - 4 - 2, and were attacked by two Hollows other than the one you attacked, your DEF roll would be 15 against the Hollow you attacked and 11 against the Hollows you didn't attack (since everyone has a KL of at least 1). If you had a KL of 3, though, you would receive 3 of those 'lost' points back, and your DEF roll would be 13. If your KL was 9, you'd receive all 5 points of the 'lost' die back. (Effectively, this means that characters with a KL of 6 or more are totally immune to this rule.)



If you roll exceptionally good (or exceptionally bad), you have a chance at causing a CRITICAL or a FAILURE.

For ATTACK rolls:
CRITICAL - Your enemy's DEFENSE roll does not apply to your attack.
SUPER CRITICAL - Your enemy's DEFENSE roll does not apply to your attack, and your Effective ATT is doubled this turn.
FAILURE - Your Effective ATT this turn is reduced by 50% (round down).
CRITICAL FAILURE - Your Effective ATT this turn is reduced to 0.

For DEFENSE rolls:
CRITICAL - All damage dealt to you this turn is reduced to 0.
FAILURE - Your Effective DEF this turn is reduced by 50% (round down).

The necessary dice roll to get a CRITICAL or FAILURE varies depending on the number of dice rolled, but in any case, CRITICALS and FAILURES are very rare and difficult to get.



Damage, unfortunately, isn't the only thing you have to worry about. Various status ailments can wreak havoc with your character's well-being and can prove just as deadly if left unchecked. Unless specified otherwise, status ailments can usually be avoided with a successful RESIST check (see 03. Stats and Skills).

Venomous toxins begin interfering with your life functions. Roll special d6 each turn. Take this many WOUNDS.

The lights go out and you become suddenly unable to see. Roll special d8 each turn. On an odd number, your action this turn fails. On a 1, your action this turn fails AND your DEFENSE roll is reduced to 0 this turn.

Your senses are confuzzled, perhaps due to a bonk on the head or a bright flash of light. Your effective ATT, DEF, and MIND are each reduced by the number of turns you will be remaining DAZZLED.

You can't move. You may not take any actions.

Time distorts around you, making you move in slow motion. You must skip every third turn, starting with the first turn after you are inflicted with SLOW.

Your mind gets loopy and you can't distinguish friend from foe. Roll Special d10 each turn. On a 1, 2, or 3, your action this turn is canceled and you instead deliver a physical attack to one target chosen at random.

RAAAAAAAAAAGE. Roll Special d10 each turn. You receive this bonus to effective ATT each turn, may only use physical attacks, and must attack every turn.



Deathstone is a special mineral that saps strength from Shinigami. Both the Maggots' Nest and Senzaikyu Prison are crafted from Deathstone. While under the effects of Deathstone:

* You are limited to rolling a single ATTACK die and a single DEFENSE die each turn, and may not make any AGGRESSIVE, DEFENSIVE, or ALL OUT ATTACKS. You may still DEFEND as normal, but you only add one DEF die instead of two. You roll DODGE dice as normal, and keep SKILLS as normal.
* You may not roll SENSE dice, and your effective MIND each turn is zero.

The effects of Deathstone end an amount of time equal to 1/2 the time you spent in the vicinity of Deathstone, minus a number of days equal to your Kidou Level, once you leave the vicinity of Deathstone. For example, if you are stuck in the Maggots' Nest for 14 days, then leave, the effects of the Deathstone end in 6 days if you are KL 1, 2 days if you are KL 5, etc.

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06. Combat
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