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 05. Gameplay

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PostSubject: 05. Gameplay   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 3:02 am

So... now that you have a shiny new character, what do you do with it? The answer is: write.

That's the core of online RPing - people working together to tell a story. The Game Leader will point the story in a certain direction, but Game Leader sometimes have lives and jobs, so it's up to all of you to keep this game from grinding to a complete halt. You can work with the Game Leader to flesh out your character a bit, but it's important to remember that you're not always going to be the star of the show, and it's equally important to interact with your fellow players too. If you've got a good idea for a story, that's what the PM function is for. Hit up the players you'd like to interact with and explain things to them. Don't worry, roleplayers don't bite (this isn't a furry RP Awesome ).

Of course, as much fun as it is to watch the story of Bleach, we all know that cool powers and awesome swordfights are the heart of the show. That's also what sets this RP apart from other online RP's - actual rules for combat, along with a dice-rolling mod.

Combat can occur between Shinigami, between Shinigami and Hollow, between anything. You may initiate combat at anytime, but be aware that initiating combat at an inopportune or inapproriate time can have serious repercussions. Remember that this 'game' takes place inside an actual world with its own laws, rules, and regulations. Attempting to stab or punch people will be met with appropriately.

Combat is divided up into ROUNDS of five TURNS each. Prior to each round, each combatant will select five actions and make five STANDARD ROLLS. You may either post your actions and rolls publicly or PM them to the Game Leader. There is no 'order of operations' - all actions in a single turn take place simultaneously.

Your STANDARD ROLL is what you roll normally, without any modifiers.

A character's beginning STANDARD ROLL is this:

A number of DODGE dice equal to your EVA score

To roll dice, post this code:
where X is the number of the appropriate dice that you are rolling, or use the DICE icon inside the POST REPLY window. (Note: The DICE icon does not appear when sending a PM or posting a new thread. Copypaste the above code instead)

You will receive an extra 1 ATTACK die to your STANDARD ROLL for each 15 points of STR you have, to a maximum of 10 ATTACK DICE at 120 STR.

You will receive an extra 1 DEFENSE die to your STANDARD ROLL for each 15 points of END you have, to a maximum of 10 DEFENSE DICE at 120 END.


During each TURN of combat, you may make one of the following actions:

*Make a physical attack
*Cast a Kidou Spell
*Release (or seal) your Zanpakutou
*Use a learned Special Attack or other Zanpakutou action
*Use an item
*Recover a DISARMED weapon
*Anything that takes one action to perform
*Do nothing

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05. Gameplay
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