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 04b. Abilities

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PostSubject: 04b. Abilities   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 2:56 am

ADAPTABLE - You may voluntarily lower any of your stats by up to 1*() at the start of any turn and raise any of your other stats by the same amount.

BONE BREAKER - If you deal WOUNDS to a target, that target's Effective ATT is reduced by 1*() for 1 turn.

BULLSEYE - Any enemy with an effective MIND less than 1*() point(s) greater than yours may not target anyone in your group except for you. You may suppress or activate this ability at will at the start of any turn.

CANTRIP - Reduce the HP cost of spells you cast by 1*().

CHAKRA - Whenever you cast a Kidou spell, you may cast that spell as if your KL was 1*() higher.

COUNTERING - Whenever you receive WOUNDS, if the player that dealt those WOUNDS to you has a lower Effective MIND than you, you deal 1*() WOUNDS to that player.

DISTRACTING - Choose Effective ATT or Effective DEF each turn. All opponents you are in combat with lose 1*() to that stat.

DURABLE - Gain [4 x 1*()] max HP.

FAST HEALER - You heal 1*() WOUND(S) each turn.

FAVOURITISM - You may designate 1*() Kidou spell(s) each day as a "favourite" spell. This must be a spell of a level five or more levels lower than your own, and you must have cast this spell at least five times. Once per day, you may cast this spell *and* attack in the same turn.

FIERCE - You gain +(2+[1*()]) to STR. If you have (or later gain) the BRUTE FORCE trait as well, you gain an additional +2 to STR.

FLESHRENDING - Whenever you deal WOUNDS to a player, that player receives an additional 1*() WOUND(S).

INSPIRATION - All allies (except you) receive +1*() to Effective ATT during each turn directly after any turn you receive WOUNDS from an opponent.

IRON WILL - Add +1() to your SURVIVE score. If you have or later gain the DEFENDER trait, you receive an additional +2 to your SURVIVE score.

LIFEDRINKING - You heal 1 WOUND for each WOUND you inflict, to a maximum of 1*() per turn.

MAGIC FORCE - Add 1*() to the amount of damage inflicted or WOUNDS healed by any kidou spell you cast.

NIMBLE - Add +1*() to your EVADE score. If you have or later gain the AGILITY trait, you recieve an additional +2 to your EVADE score.

OPPORTUNITY - If your Effective MIND is higher than your opponent's, add 1*() to your Effective ATT.

PACKRAT - The maximum WEIGHT of ITEMS you can carry is increased by 1*().

PRODIGY - You may learn kidou spells up to 1*() level(s) higher than your own.

RECOVERY - The duration of status ailments affecting you is reduced by 1*() turns.

REGENERATION - Roll Special 1*()d20 each turn. You heal 4 WOUNDS for each die rolled in this way that comes up 17 or higher.

RESILIENCE - You receive +1 to Effective MIND after each turn you receive WOUNDS. This bonus lasts 1*() turns.

SEXY - All opponents of the opposite sex (and homosexual or bisexual opponents of the same sex) receive -1*() to all stats. You may not take this ability if your character has no gender or an ambiguous gender. Hollows are considered neither male nor female for the purposes of this ABILITY.

SHARP BLADE - Roll 1*() additional ATK dice each turn and discard the lowest dice when determining your standard roll.

SPELLPROOF - Roll Special 1*()d4 each turn. Add this amount to your Effective Kidou DEF.

STONE WALL - Roll 1*() additional DEF dice each turn and discard the lowest dice when determining your standard roll.

STRONG MIND - Roll 1*() extra SENSE dice each turn. If any of these extra dice come up less than 0, they are considered to be 0.

TOUGHNESS - You gain +(2+[1*()]) to END. If you have (or later gain) the TANKING trait as well, you gain an additional +2 to END.

VENOM FANG - Roll Special 1d6 each turn. Whenever you damage a player with a melee attack, and this roll is 1*() or less, that player becomes POISONED.

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04b. Abilities
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