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 03. Stats and Skills

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PostSubject: 03. Stats and Skills   Wed 12 Aug 2009, 2:46 am

To determine your effectivity in combat, each character has three STATS and six SKILLS. When creating a new character at Level 1, that character starts with 20 LEVEL POINTS (LP), that may be allocated among any of the three stats, and one SKILL POINT (SP), which may be placed in any of the six SKILLS.


Strength (STR) - Physical strength. Used to determine Effective ATTACK (ATT) each turn during combat.
Endurance (END) - How much punishment you can take. Used to determine Effective DEFENSE (DEF) each turn during combat.
Mind (MIND) - Intelligence and strength of will. Used to determine Effective MIND, Effective Kidou ATT, and Effective Kidou DEF each turn.

HP and Kidou Level are calculated from these three STATS.

Kidou Level (KL) = 1 + (MND / 15), rounded down. In other words, your KL increases by 1 for each 15 points of MIND you have. KL determines, among other things, how many dice you roll when casting Kidou spells.

HP = (END x 4) + (MND x 2). HP is the amount of health you have. Whenever you take WOUNDS, the amount of WOUNDS you take is deducted from your HP. When your HP is reduced to 0, you fall UNCONSCIOUS. Your HP cannot drop below 0. If you receive enough WOUNDS to reduce your HP to less than 0, your HP becomes 0. After a number of turns equal to 2 + [(30 - SURVIVE score) / 3] (round up), an UNCONSCIOUS player revives with 1 HP. An UNCONSCIOUS player also revives if any other player heals any of his WOUNDS with Kidou, Special Abilities, or Items. If a Hollow falls to 0 HP, the Hollow is SLAIN rather than UNCONSCIOUS.

*COUP DE GRACE - Any player may take a turn's action to deliver a COUP DE GRACE to an UNCONSCIOUS target. If the player delivering the COUP DE GRACE has an Effective ATT higher than the UNCONSCIOUS target's SURVIVE score + DEF roll, the UNCONSCIOUS target is SLAIN.

*MORTAL WOUND - If a player receives a single attack that deals an amount of WOUNDS greater than or equal to 50% of that player's HP, and the player falls UNCONSCIOUS as a result of that attack, then after a number of turns equal to 2 + SURVIVE score, that player is SLAIN rather than reviving.

SLAIN characters instantly disintegrate into blue light and are gone forever.


CONCENTRATE (CON) - Keeps your spells from failing.
During any turn in which you cast a Kidou spell and take WOUNDS, the spell fails unless your CON score + Effective MIND that turn is higher than the number of WOUNDS you take. Spell failure does not apply if the spell's level is lower than your CON score + your MIND score.

DISARM (DIS) - Both allows you to disarm opponents and prevents being disarmed yourself.
If you and your opponent make melee attacks at each other during the same turn, and your DIS score + ATT roll that turn is greater than your opponent's DIS score + DEF roll that turn, you have a chance at DISARMING your opponent. If the difference is greater than or equal to your opponent's level, your opponent is DISARMED. Recovering a DISARMED weapon takes one turn. If you specify that you are making a DISARMING ATTACK, the attack deals no damage to your opponent, but the difference between your DIS + ATT roll and your opponent's DIS + DEF roll is increased by 50% (round down).

EVADE (EVA) - Allows you to dodge attacks rather than block them.
Roll a number of DODGE dice equal to your EVA score each turn. DODGE dice are d10s that have a 30% chance of coming up +1. Add +1 to your Effective DEF for each +1 you roll. This bonus is called your DODGE bonus.

RESIST (RES) - Keeps you from being affected by negative status.
Status ailments (such as POISON and IMMOBILIZE) do not take effect if your RES score + DEF roll that turn is higher than your opponent's STR score (if the ailment came from a weapon attack) or MIND score (if the ailment came from a Kidou spell). All other functions of that attack or spell still take effect.

SURVIVE (SRV) - Keeps you fighting by sheer strength of will.
During any turn in which you have more than 1 HP and you receive enough WOUNDS to reduce you to less than 1 HP (or a Kidou spell reduces you to less than 1 HP), you are reduced to 1 HP instead of 0 HP if your SRV score + DEF roll is greater than the number of WOUNDS you received.

THROW (THR) - Your skill fighting with and defending against thrown weapons.
You may choose to make a RANGED ATTACK with a throwing weapon or a non-RANGED melee weapon. If you do this, your THR score replaces your STR score for the purpose of determining Effective ATT, and your opponent's THR score replaces his/her END score for the purpose of determining Effective DEF. If you THROW a throwing weapon, the weapon is lost. If you throw your non-RANGED melee weapon, you become DISARMED.


You gain a Level each time you gain 100 EXPERIENCE POINTS (EXP). EXP are given out at the discretion of the Game Master, but are usually tied to fighting in combat, roleplaying, and posting. EXP may either be given out publicly in the thread or privately via PM.

Each time you gain a LEVEL, you gain 2 LP and 1 SP, which you may allocate as you see fit.

LP may be used to:

* Increase your stats
* Learn Kidou spells
* Increase pumpable ABILITIES and SPECIAL ATTACKS

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03. Stats and Skills
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