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 Regular fiction thread.

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Chiken Kazenosei
Likes boys. ;)

Male Weapon : Myounahanashi

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PostSubject: Regular fiction thread.   Tue 03 Mar 2009, 6:13 pm

AKA the not IgaraxSatoko stories.

Chiken finally jumps the shark:
One evening, Chiken was asleep and running around in his mind scape. He was having fun when Myounahanashi called him over to his memory pond. "Come on Chiken, it's time for you to do your memory placement." Chiken ran over to her, but not before shouting to her. "OK MYOUNA!"
Once he was next to her he was about to immediately jump in but Myounahanashi stopped him. "Wait Chiken! Look at that!" She pointed one of her wings at a fin circling around the pond. "Oh, what is that? I want to go meet it!" Chiken went to jump in again but Myounahanashi stopped him once more. "Chiken, you shouldn't jump in with that there!" Chiken sighed. "Fine then, I want to jump over it!"
Myounahanashi was so taken by surprise so much that she didn't know what to say. Meanwhile, Chiken let off a whistle and a unicorn ran out of the sky to meet him. Chiken hopped up onto the unicorn which started off at a gallop towards the lake.
At the last possible moment, the unicorn jumped and easily flew across the lake with the shark in it.
Once on the other side, Chiken hopped off the unicorn and said one, well, syllable. "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
Meanwhile, the 12th division learned one very important lesson that day: never test drugs on the least mentally stable student in the academy.

(I was worried about Chiken getting close to jumping the shark, and the picture of Chiken on a unicorn hopping over his lake with a shark in it instantly sprang to mind. This... abomination of a story is the story that quickly followed that picture...)
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Yumichika Ayasegawa
5th Seat, 11th Division

Male Weapon : Fujikukaku

PostSubject: Re: Regular fiction thread.   Tue 03 Mar 2009, 6:19 pm

I ship Chiken/Unicorn
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Regular fiction thread.
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